About Our Boxes

A two-piece rigid box is a type of packaging that consists of two separate pieces: a lid and a base. Examples include gift boxes, game boxes, candy boxes, stationery boxes, wallet boxes, etc. The lid and base are typically made from paperboard. A paper covering can be applied with printed or foil-stamped custom graphics.

Unlike a corrugated cardboard box, these boxes are perfect for luxury and high-end products such as jewelry, watches, or collectibles, as they provide a strong and durable protective covering for the item. We also sell to many Etsy sellers and small boutiques, as two-piece rigid boxes are great for everything from gift boxes, to candles, to leather goods, and more!

Two-piece rigid boxes are considered better than boxes that ship flat for several reasons:

Durability: They are more durable and offer more protection than boxes that ship flat because they are made from thicker and stronger materials.

Presentation: They open beautifully for unboxing, ideal for high-end products or as a gift box. 

Convenience: They are pre-assembled and ready to use. 

Versatility: They are the perfect keepsake, as they can be used as storage boxes or regifted. 

You can contact us through our website contact page. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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These are the key steps to order through production:

  1. Determine your box size. You can browse the common box sizes we already have tooling for. Not seeing your size? Reach out.  
  2. Select paper. We carry most common colors (kraft, white, black, brown, navy, red, cream, etc.). Want an unusual color? Reach out and we can talk through paper options.   
  3. Determine printing. Digital print, emboss, deboss, or foil stamp — we have a range of options for your box. See a full list of what we can do with examples here. Have something in mind you’re not seeing? Reach out.
  4. Determine quantity. We have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 20 if you select from our in-stock sizes. For custom-sized boxes, upgrades to paper, or specialized imprinting, our MOQ begins at 250 and can be as high as 500 boxes, depending on the level of customization. 
  5. Make your payment. You’ll order directly through our website or reach out if there are custom elements outside of our ordering page online.
  6. Press check. Prior to moving forward with printing, we’ll email you directly to confirm we have all the order details correct and imprint artwork. 
  7. Production begins. Within 4–6 weeks, we’ll run your order.
  8. Once we ship, you will receive a shipping confirmation email. 

Yes! Select the in-stock size closest to what you are looking for and see our price breaks. This can give you a start at understanding what your total costs may be. Once you determine all your specifications and you have your final artwork, please reach out through this page to submit your order and get a customized quote.

Materials + Customization

We use paperboard and cardboard. We can also use eco-friendly materials like recycled paperboard upon request.

Yes, we can print or apply custom designs, patterns, or branding onto custom paper that we then wrap around the box. This can include logos or images on the box and can be done through offset printing, screen printing, hot-stamping, or other techniques. Please see this page to see all available imprint options and example boxes.

Yes, we have a large swatch book available for most in-stock paper options. We’ve worked with most major brands of paper and can accommodate most standard commercial paper options.

You can find all our in-stock sizes and their design templates here. Our in-stock box options can give you an idea of final costs, but please reach out to confirm a quote on a custom order as quantity, paper, and printing choices can impact your final total. 

The largest box we can make is 23 inches wide, 15 inches long, and 6 inches deep. Our smallest box is 3.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches long, and .625 inches deep. 

Yes. Email us the exact dimension, and we can confirm if it is possible and what fees you may have if it requires custom tooling. To reduce costs and get your product shipped faster, we recommend viewing our in-stock sizes.

You can purchase a single sampler set with all four in-stock options here.

Yes, we can use FSC certified paper and recycled paper. Reach out for a custom quote.


We can do orders as small as 20 for our pre-made designs. For a custom size, please reach out about minimum order quantities.

For our in-stock sizes with no imprint, we can have them shipped within days! For custom two-piece rigid boxes, it will depend on the size of the order and the complexity of the design. But for most orders, expect 6–8 weeks. Need them faster? Reach out today and see if your custom box order would qualify for a rush fee. 


For small sample orders (meaning under four products), we offer $10 flat rate shipping. 

For large, custom orders, reach out to get a shipping quote. For large orders, it is important to note that the shipping process may vary depending on the size of the order, the shipping location, the freight carrier used, and the shipping method. Additionally, the cost of shipping will depend on the weight and volume of the boxes, as well as the distance they are being shipped. We can provide a shipping estimate if you know the box size and volume you want ordered. And, of course, the final shipping destination.

No, they do not. Because they are made to be more durable, these will ship fully assembled. For larger orders, these are shipped via freight and arrive on pallets.

Yes, we can ship our two-piece rigid boxes internationally. Additional shipping costs and customs fees may apply. Reach out directly for these orders, as we don’t ship outside the U.S. on purchases made through our website.

You can see our in-stock sizes here. We can custom-make a size for your needs, too! Our machinery can offer up to 23 inches wide, 15 inches long, and 6 inches deep. Our smallest box is 3.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches long, and .625 inches deep. We also have the tooling for most common needs, such as jewelry boxes, medium-sized boxes for watches, and large boxes for larger items such as collectibles or gift sets. 

Payment + Returns

For large orders made outside our website, we require a 50% deposit before production begins, and the balance is due before the final products ship. We accept credit cards or bank transfers.

For orders online, we do not offer refunds unless we have made an error on our end. You will receive an email from us after your order arrives for a press check, and from there we will move into the full production. 

We strongly encourage you to open your shipment and inspect it prior to signing off from your carrier. Take photos and document any issues you believe happened in transit. As for any boxes within a shipment that you deem defective, we accept returns for defective or damaged products or if the product does not match the specifications outlined in the original order. We will ask for photo verification of the issue and will work hard to refund or replace.

Factory Details

Yes! We make our boxes in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

No, we do not offer community tours.

Check out some of our favorite client images on this inspiration page.

We are owned by Musgrave Pencil Co., another beloved Tennessee manufacturer. Musgrave is a private company run by a family-led board of directors.

Musgrave purchased a box company out of Athens, Tennessee, 40 years ago, and that is the beginning of Harvest Packaging. In 2006, we purchased a second box company and continued to expand our capabilities and machinery. 

Today, we are right next door to Musgrave Pencil Co., our parent company, which has been in business since 1916.

From our Customers:

"Fiserv provides financial technology services throughout the United States. Harvest Packaging has been a valuable partner with Fiserv since the early 2000’s. Harvest Packaging provides our rigid, 2-piece set-up boxes. These sturdy boxes are great for packaging in our plastic card production.”